How Instagram Automation Works

What is Instagram automation?

Instagram automation does repetitive, tedious tasks for you. Saving time is Gold Nitro's main benefit to you, so you can focus on your content, your business, or your brand.

Instagram "bots" (short for robots) typically automate likes, follows, unfollows, and comments, while other Instagram automation may automatically post for you on a schedule.

Does Instagram automation risk my account being banned, frozen, disabled, or deactivated?

Yes! All Instagram automation, whether it's scheduled posts or liking photos, risks your account becoming unusable or inaccessible due to bans, freezes, or deactivation (permanently disabled). This is not only a risk of Gold Nitro, but all tools that automate actions on Instagram.

Instagram provides very limited means of performing automation and they want all actions, likes or posts, to be performed via the Instagram app.

Do marketing teams or human driven "automation" violate Instagram's Terms of Use?

Disclaimer: this is not legal advice. The short answer is probably, yes. Using a team of people, such as a marketing department of your company, or 3rd party "automation" services that are (supposedly) humans working for you, violates Instagram's Terms of Use because accounts are not to be assigned to others. Instagram generally turns a blind eye to all the celebrities and Instafamous users who have marketing teams working round the clock to post for them, but they may take action against smaller accounts.

Any site that uses your Instagram username and password, without sending you to instagram.com itself to login and grant app permissions, violates Instagram's Terms of Use, regardless of whether there are humans or "robots" doing the work.

How do I know if my Instagram account was disabled?

You'll receive an error on login to Instagram, such as, "The username you entered doesn't belong to an account," or, "There was a problem logging you into Instagram," or, "Your account has been disabled for violating our terms."

What's an Instagram shadowban?

If an Instagram account is "shadowbanned," your content will not appear on the hashtags you mention in your posts. You can check if you're shadowbanned by browsing the less frequently used hashtags that you have on your post and looking for whether your post appears.

What are bots and ghosts and why should I avoid interacting with them on Instagram?

A bot, short for robot, is a computer system that automates actions for humans, such as likes on Instagram. Bots who follow you on Instagram are very low value, since they'll never visit your shop, buy your product, or truly enjoy your content.

Have you ever seen one of your posts commented on by a couple dozen Instagrammers immediately after you post, with meaningless comments like, "best photo today," or "the best of the best," or "#instagood"? These are dead giveaways that they're bot accounts.

A ghost is a new account created by a real human that is abandoned after only a dozen or so posts. Ghost accounts are usually created by large teams of low-wage humans. There are sites that sell "followers," guaranteeing you a certain number of followers, and ghosts are a common way to do so. Ghosts are the lowest quality followers, since they'll stop being on Instagram shortly after they start.

What's an Instagram account challenge?

An Instagram account challenge requires you to verify your email address, phone number, or link your Facebook account to verify your identity. This will happen if you are too active on a new account too soon.

Why are you telling me all of this?

We want to be clear about the risks of Instagram automation so you can make an informed decision about whether or not to use it.

How Gold Nitro Works

Why should I use Gold Nitro instead of a competing product?

Our signup is a breeze: just link your Instagram account and you're ready to go.

We'll grow your following faster and with lower risk of a ban by identifying other high quality Instagrammers -- real people -- to interact with. We provide a free trial, money back guarantee, and are more transparent than all of the other Instagram automation tool providers.

We're based in the good old USA, too. See About Us below.

If you're looking for tools that do not violate Instagram's Terms of Use and thus you do not want automation, there are many high quality tools to choose from such as Hootsuite or Sprout Social. (We're not affiliated with them.)

How does Gold Nitro's money back guarantee work?

If you're disatisfied with Gold Nitro, you can contact usto receive a full refund of your current month's subscription fee. No catches and no limitations.Tap Contact Support in the menu of the Gold Nitro dashboard.

We only want you to pay us for long term value you find in Gold Nitro.

Why doesn't Gold Nitro do comments?

Automated comments are easily identified as automation because they often do not match the photo content. They also do little or nothing to grow your following.

Where should I spend my time on Instagram after signing up for Gold Nitro?

Check out our blog for tips on how to best spend your time on Instagram to help grow your audience.

Some quick tips: make great posts at least several days every week and use lots of relevant hashtags.

Can I use Gold Nitro on my new account?

Yes, but your following will grow slowly if your account is new, because your interactions on a new account are limited.

To warm up your new Instagram account, start posting on your account daily, and verify your identity with Instagram via a phone number or Facebook.

How do you secure my data?

We use the latest encryption technology to ensure that all of your data is safe.

You'll note the "https" and "Secure" next to goldnitro.com in your browser. This means that all of your traffic between your browser and our servers is encrypted.

We store your critical data using industry standard cryptography (SHA-512, bcrypt).

Are you going to steal my Instagram account?


There are some Instagram automation "services" that do steal Instagram accounts, particularly if you have a sizable following. They'll either ransom the account, asking you for money to regain access, or steal it forever. One way to spot these scams is to identify poor quality sites, with typos, bad English, spammy signup flows, or the like. Another is to learn more about the company behind the service.

See About Us below.

What about the alternative Instagram growth services?

We compare alternatives to Gold Nitro on our comparison pages.

About Us

Why should I trust this?

We're professionals. We want the best for our customers. We provide a money back guarantee. We'll do our utmost to make you, as our customer, a happy one.

We want to start a multi year journey with you to help you grow your audience, your brand, or your business. The only way we can do that is by putting your needs first, building trust, and doing right by you always. Learn more about Gold Nitro customer reviews here.

Learn more about us on this page and if you have any questions, please visit our Help Center.

Who's on your team?

We're a seasoned team of Silicon Valley engineers and product managers working in San Francisco, California.

What's Fifth Street Studios LLC?

Fifth Street Studios LLC is our company, incorporated in the United States. Gold Nitro is the name of one of our products.

If you have a legal inquiry, please contact our counsel at legal(at)goldnitro.com. To contact our support team, please visit our Help Center.

Do you have an affiliate program?

We do not have an affiliate program, but we do have a referral program to earn Gold Nitro credit. Sign up to Gold Nitro and look for the Earn link in the menu.

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